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It is our mission in special education to help children reach their OWN excellence. 

We look forward to working with you!

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Special education for special needs services are delivered in an intensive 1:1 instructional model.

 Private ​Tutoring Andrea Watkins Reseda Calabasas, Encino, Reseda  resources designed for the individual, with special needs 

Building skills in epecial education to be independent learners.

 Boosting confidence by helping them grow in a comfortable learning environment.

Educational Therapist Tarzana 

ilearn2learn Academy takes a whole-child approach to Learning.and special Education. We strive to maximize individual student progress in all areas of learning and Education. Cognitive training, Literacy and Language, Intensive Remediation, Home Schooling and Education, Homework Support, CAHSEE Prep, all work together to meet the intellectual, language, and learning needs of each and every child we serve.




Private Tutoring Tarzana
Andrea Watkins, MS, Ed

​Educational Therapist

ilearn2learn Academy uses the natural individual strengths of children and assessed needs to teach speech and language, learning, and academic skills.

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1:1 INtensive instruction and Special Education

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